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SYDNEY, 2019
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[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/meet-the-exhibitor--all-the-wild-roses][size=150]MEET THE EXHIBITOR: All The Wild Roses[/size][/url]


[i]All The Wild Roses founder [/i][i]Hang Osment-Le reveals the passion behind her brand.[/i]

[b]All The Wild Roses is:[/b]

A brand founded to provide work opportunities for clothing artisans in my hometown of North Vietnam. For us, what we do is more than just fashion, we want to make clothes that brings as much joy to the wearer as it does to the makers, clothes that not only looks good but feels good and also do good.

[b]All The Wild Roses is targeted at customers who:[/b]

Are conscious of the world around them and care as much about style as how things are made. Simply we want to create products for women that believe in style  and beauty both inside and out.

[b]The brand's point of difference is:[/b]

We believe in “sustainable style” for the women of today - timeless design made from sustainable materials, handcrafted with care.

[b]The collection at Fashion Exposed Now will include:[/b]

Effortless and timeless silhouettes that transcend trends, and with inspiration from eras past. Made from a curation of sustainable fabrics including up-cycled, handwoven organic cotton, organic linens and silks.

Each piece is made for the free-spirited woman of today, who switches seamlessly from sunkissed afternoons on the beach to the bustle of city nightlife – think playful maxi dresses and floaty blouses.

[b]The highlight piece from the collection is:[/b]

Our organic cotton/linen off-shoulder wide leg jumpsuit.

[b]The wholesale price points for the range are:[/b]

A$75- A$135 (ex GST).

[b]The fabrics and colour ways include:[/b]

Warm earthy colors of terracotta to Indigo blues in organic handwoven organic cottons, organic linens and 100% silk crepe.

[b]It is manufactured in:[/b]

A small women-led artisan workshop in Hai Phong, Vietnam.

[b]All The Wild Roses is currently stocked at:[/b]


[b]The biggest trend this year will be:[/b]

About fashion that feels good, effortless styles, stripes, checks and textured handcrafted fabrics. 
[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/still-in-holiday-mode--good--so-are-we][size=150]Still in holiday mode? Good, so are we[/size][/url]


Fashion Exposed Now promised to take you to the beach this February - and we've delivered. 

The fashion trade event will hit Sydney's Royal Hall of Industries from February 10 to 11.

As part of the Sydney launch, a host of local and international brands have enlisted in the new 'Beach & Body' section.

So what can fashion buyers expect?

From Spain comes cult favourite Desigual Living, with an assortment of homewares in bold prints and colourways. 

From Germany hails Conturelle, offering intimates for women who crave luxury and comfort.  

From Australia there's Pt. Nemo, a premium fashion and swimwear label manufactured in Italy. 

Anna & Bell, Bellissima, Beyond The Sea, Essence, Felina, Genevieve Swimwear, Holly Dae and Sandra Silk also round up the offer.

What are you waiting for, jump in and make a splash!
[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/your-look-at-over-200-brands][size=150]Fashion Exposed Now 2018: Your look at over 200 brands[/size][/url]


Take a glimpse at some of the 200 womenswear, accessories and footwear brands on show.

Fashion Exposed Now is heading to Sydney's Royal Hall of Industries from February 10 to 11 with a one-stop-shop showcase. 

Luxe bohemian brand Miss June, contemporary womenswear label Maxted and fast fashion favourite Sass are among those confirmed for the Boutique market. 

Joining them will be Fate + Becker, The Rushing Hour, Kira Pizzingrilli, Chaynika, 17 Sundays, Akosee and Betty Basics. 

For Womenswear, buyers will have a choice of trend-driven Baisi, Spanish-made Bariloche, plus-size player Kita Ku and New Zealand's Merinomink.

The four brands are a taste of over 50 labels already enlisted for the fair's most prolific section.

Accessories buyers are also in for a treat, with some 20 footwear, bags and jewellery brands in the mix so far. 

There's modern Spanish-made shoe brand XQSI, bold eyewear maker Kost and contemporary handbag label Jasper.

With just one month to go until the show hits full speed, stay tuned for more exciting brand updates!   
[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/lola-ramona][size=150]MEET THE EXHIBITOR: Lola Ramona[/size][/url]


Gitte Sandquist loves to stand tall. “I can wear 10cm heels all day without any discomfort,” assures the Danish dynamo whose label Lola Ramona effortlessly lives up to its catchline, Shoes with an Attitude.  

Stripes, dots and bows; the licorice-all-sorts palette and aura of vintage romance – it’s impossible to ignore those eye-catching confections. 

The Copenhagen-based label is bound to exert its traffic-stopping impact at Fashion Exposed NOW. Since its launch in 2006, Lola Ramona has won devotees worldwide and they are spoiled for choice – loads of heels, flats and boots, plus equally arresting handbags. 

Frustration was her catalyst, explains Gitte. “I couldn’t find shoes I liked – good-quality ones that weren’t boring – so I decided to create my own.

“I was still working as an agent for several international companies when I started Lola Ramona, so when our designer Christina Hanquist joined me nine years ago, we’d get together at my studio around 5pm and work into the night.


“My husband (goldsmith Erik Sandquist) was great. While Christina and I were working, he’d cook dishes like chili con carne for us.” 

An early partnership with long-established Danish footwear company Sanita promised great things, but the Global Financial Crisis dealt a punishing blow and Gitte decided to go it alone. . 

“It was a terrible time and affected even Denmark’s major banks, but luckily Lola Ramona survived and we’ve done well in recent years, especially since we opened our own factory in China,” she says.

“Using different factories for small orders is always a hassle, so it’s great to have control. A fantastic woman runs the factory. I call her my soulmate.”

Quality leathers, pampered comfort (“we add an extra layer of padding”) and striking detail on heels and insoles are among Lola Ramona’s key footwear features. So are the whimsical names that identify the designs. 

There’s canny reasoning behind Elsie Strut, Stella Lollipop, Cecilia Spats and Co. “I got the naming idea from Levi’s,” confesses Gitte. “Consumers know exactly how say, a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans look and feel, and that sort of instant recognition is important with footwear, especially when you’re buying online.

”I used a different process for our brand name. I wanted something that sounded like a real girl and could be pronounced in all languages. That’s how Lola Ramona was born. She’s feminine and distinctive.”   

Years of experience gained through working with giants such as Sweden’s H &M and America’s Levi Strauss, and later as an independent agent representing international brands including Lacoste, Paul Smith and Caterpillar, have served Gitte well since she founded Lola Ramona.

Family members have also made valuable contributions and not just through their cooking skills. “My 93-year-old grandmother has a basement full of wonderful stuff she’s kept for decades and I have lots of fun digging around in it. Great for inspiration!”

A small retail store attached to her office in Copenhagen is Gitte’s only concession to bricks and mortar. The real action happens on Lola Ramona’s award-winning online store and new product lines may soon be enjoying that global reach. 

“Not clothes, but accessories such as gloves, hats and scarves,” reveals Gitte Sandquist. “The problem is finding the time to develop them. Right now we’re so busy, things are just crazy, but I’m not complaining.”

[b][i]To find out more about Lola Ramona, please contact Judy Williams, Australian & New Zealand distributor at [url=mailto:cast.away@xtra.co.nz]cast.away@xtra.co.nz[/url][/i][/b]
[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/meet-the-exhibitor--naudic][size=150]MEET THE EXHIBITOR: Naudic[/size][/url]


[i]Naudic creator Emma Puttick reveals the workings of her luxe bohemian brand.[/i]

[b]The concept for Naudic came about when: [/b]

I was working in London (as a scientist, no less!).   The bohemian styles of the Portobello Road markets were where I first got the taste of what has become the Naudic look.   Add influences from travels through Sweden, India and South-East Asia and you have a label that's bright, fun and eminently wearable. Since Naudic's first line of simple cotton embroideries in 2008, the brand has grown into a vibrant fashion powerhouse releasing three collections annually; spring, summer and autumn/winter. Naudic is now represented by hundreds of stockists across Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, South Africa and the United States. 

[b]Naudic is targeted at women who:[/b]

Combine the fullness of life, work, family, entertainment and travel - and love every minute of it. Naudic’s signature look is bright cotton prints, funky   embroideries and quirky trims, so a playful sense of style is a must. In recent seasons, the Naudic family has added two diffusion   labels to allow for even wider audience.   Vintage by Naudic; dreamy and understated. This label features whimsical laces, georgettes and linens in a neutral colour palette that’s effortless elegance is hard to resist. Then Naudic Resort; refreshing and free. Inspired by beauty and passion; these pieces add an easy glow to each day.

But wait, there’s more: loungewear, homewares, shoes, block-colour basics and accessories are all part of the Naudic mix too. 

[b]The brand's point of difference is:[/b]

Akk about making a statement; known for its signature bold prints and unique use of trims. Adding multi layers of pom-pom tassels and laces to the hems of silhouettes- it’s the attention to detail and small touches that create that point of difference. There’s even pre-season style planning to show how you can mix and match different stories to create your Naudic look. The passion, laughter, love and life behind Naudic continue to shine through into the garments, and will never cease to be how the label dares to be different. 

[b]The collection at Fashion Exposed will include:[/b]

The autumn/winter collection and the exciting season launch of spring 2018! Luxe florals, jewel toned Ikat prints and tribal flair is the theme for the upcoming autumn/winter range, designed to stack layer upon layer, to keep you feeling cosy through the chilly months.

[b]My favourite piece from the collection is:[/b]

The season favourite at the moment - the Sangria Skirt. And with a name like it, who wouldn’t enjoy it?! The flamingo ruffle vibe radiates happiness and just feels so much fun to wear. .

[b]The wholesale price points for the range are:[/b]

For Naudic and Vintage by Naudic, they sit between $45 - $95. The Naudic Essentials range and Naudic Resort range both happily sit under the $40 mark.

[b]The fabrics and colourways include:[/b]

Quality cottons, but also beautiful laces and georgettes for a finer touch, alongside a new addition of linen. The colourways vary each season, but an all-time fave is the navy and white story, and then of course the signature brights. No collection is complete without a new bold and crazy print!

[b]It is manufactured in:[/b]

The Naudic factory in Delhi, India. With a team so wonderful, they’re like family. All of the fabrics, prints and trims are sourced from around Asia and inspired by never-ending travel around the world. Local towns and people, cultures and stories: - they’re who and what are to thank for the Naudic brand continuing to be inspired by unforgettable adventures. 

[b]Naudic  is currently stocked at:[/b]

Beautiful independent specialty stores around Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and USA. Naudic is now also being represented in Anthropologie and Neiman Marcus in the United States. The full stockist list is available at: [url=http://www.naudic.com/stockists]www.naudic.com/stockists[/url]

[b]I predict the biggest trend this year will be:[/b]

Sleeves: the size of the sleeve,   the detailing on the sleeve and new lengths. Extravagant embroidery work, multi-layers of ruffles, or big oversized cuffs in a painter’s shirt. Oh and the layering! Get ready to be pairing back a printed slip under a boldly detailed jacket, or a kimono patch robe that can be tied at the waist with striking detailed belts. People want to see pieces with an expression of beauty and passion- in the thought that has gone into combining prints, trims and handiwork.
[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/3-trends-to-watch-out-for][size=150]Fashion Exposed 2018: 3 Trends to Watch Out For[/size][/url]


Fashion Exposed Now is the only women’s fashion apparel, accessories and footwear buying event in Australia.

After launching in Melbourne last year, the trade show is set to hit Royal Hall of Industries Sydney from February 10 to 11.

So what trends should buyers be looking for?

[b][i]PRINTS! PRINTS! PRINTS![/i][/b]

With brands such as Naudic, Orientique and Holmes & Fallon making another return to Fashion Exposed Now, don't expect a shortage of eye-popping patterns. From geometric prints and bohemian luxe florals to clashing graphics in linens and cottons, your shop windows will be bursting with flare.

[b][i]LET'S GET TECHNICAL     [/i][/b]

Innovation and fabric development will continue to play a strong part in shaping future fashion trends. With new tools and techniques at their disposal, Australian brands have risen to the challenge. Expect to see laser cut detailing and bold silhouettes from contemporary labels such as The Rushing Hour.

[b][i]ACCESSORISE FOR SALES   [/i][/b]

In a retail market that's becoming increasingly competitive, buyers are turning to product diversification for a winning edge. Why stock dresses, when you can finish the look with a satchel and stiletto to boot? Our hot tip: popping brights and rich textures from brands such as Sassy Duck. 

[b][i][url=https://iecapps.com.au/visreg-2018-fashionsydney]Register today for Fashion Exposed NOW taking place Saturday 10 - Sunday 11 February 2018 at the Royal Hall of Industries Sydney[/url][/i][/b]
[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/meet-the-exhibitor--the-rushing-hour][size=150]Meet The Exhibitor: The Rushing Hour[/size][/url]


[i]In a market flooded with disposable fashion, The Rushing Hour is all about looks with humanity and style.[/i]

[b]The Rushing Hour is:[/b]

A womenswear label launched by Jacalin Ding, a self-described rebel and rule-breaker. She founded The Rushing Hour with the aim of uplifting humanity through innovative fashion, with the belief of quality garments made to last.

[b]The Rushing Hour is targeted at customers who:[/b]

Creating a new paradigm for femininity — focusing on creating a better world for us all to live, taking courageous and inspiring action, carrying her mission with indisputable style.

[b]The brand's point of difference is:[/b]


Producing timeless, quality monochrome street luxe fashion with a cutting edge design. It uses tech-savvy production methods, such as laser-cutting apparels, and labels each piece with a quote from heroic women throughout history. The Rushing Hour does not Photoshop models and does not rush fashion, as it doesn't want to fall into the mass production trap.

[b]The collection at Fashion Exposed will include:[/b]

Bold silhouettes in fashion-forward finishes. From leather-look materials and laser-cutting techniques to soft organic French linen, the directional fabrications fulfill the label’s aim of creating contemporary pieces with sartorial sensibility. The monochromatic collection is eclectic and attention-grabbing - far from your basic staples, but just as wearable. Boxy shapes are rendered in gauzy mesh, the draping providing a clever contrast to the clean lines, while form-fitting skirts and tailored trousers are punctuated with geometric laser-cut detailing.

[b]Highlights from the collection include:[/b]

The Jackie-O Linen lace-up dress, overall gem cullotes, a linen front tied blazer, a swing bell sleeve top and a Sarah Rocks shirt.

[b]The wholesale price points for the range are:[/b]

$45 to 140

[b]The fabrics and colourways include:[/b]

Linen cotton blends, viscose and jerseys in silver, white, linen and gold.

[b]It is manufactured in:[/b]

Shanghai, China. We spent 12 months searching for the right manufacturing partner, one that lives and breathes our environmental values and ethical belief. The factory has been in business for more than a decade, and has collaborated with well-known international fashion labels across the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It has expert craftsmanship and artistic fabrications. It currently produces our entire collection and employs more than 70 people. Every employee is compensated with above standard industry salary rates, medical insurance, recreational time and participates in team activities during the festive seasons. Our factory has a strong ethical and social responsibility; five per cent of profit has been donated to benefit the following charity organisations a particular focus on child health and development.

[b]The Rushing Hour is currently stocked at:[/b]

The Iconic.

[b]My dream for The Rushing Hour is:[/b]

Just like any other start-up. We’ll be trying to disrupt the market in the coming months. The world doesn’t need another fast-fashion brand; it needs one that educates our next generation that less is more, and giving back makes you feel better than the luxury of excess.
[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/boutiques-we-love--eco-d-][size=150]Boutiques We Love: ECO D.[/size][/url]


[i]Felicity Holding opened her first store 20 years ago - and today,  manages 14 boutiques nationally. [/i]

[b]What are some of the major changes you've seen in the boutique market?[/b]

Our customers are travelling overseas more so previously unattainable international labels have become more accessible.

Some of the big players such as David Jones and international brands like COS are moving to high street shopping strips and taking on a more boutique approach to retailing.  

Technology has certainly changed the market, not only with the introduction of online shopping but also in the areas of customer service/experience and marketing. 

[b]What are your three key strategies for surviving (and thriving!) in business?[/b]

1. Investing in and empowering the people you employee. Listening to the people you have entrusted to run your company. Before entering the ragtrade 40 years ago, I was a PE teacher and always enjoyed coaching a team and encouraging them achieve their best. Some of our boutique managers have been with the company for 15 years

2. Understanding who your customer is and being able to buy directly for individuals. Listening and taking on feedback from customers on brands, styles, colours.

3. Continuously evolving, remaining flexible and able to react quickly to the market. 

[b]How have you managed to expand the business to 13 stores? [/b]

Developing a strong relationship directly with your landlords is really important. If the market shifts, open up the lines of communication and negotiate. In relation to expanding our boutique network, location is key! You need to know where your customers are, and if you find a great store in the right location you need to act quickly and make it happen.

[b]Do you think there is still a strong market for boutiques stocking beautifully sourced designer labels?[/b]

Definitely, if you know exactly who your customers are and what you mean to them. We offer seasonally curated capsules in accessible locations. Customer service and in store experience is also integral. 

[b]What are some of the brands you stock?[/b]

Australian labels include Assembly Label, Camilla and Marc, Cable Melbourne, Elka Collective, Jac + Jack, KitX, Life with Bird, Oneseaosn, Steele, Victoria and Woods + more.

International brands include Agolde, American Vintage, AMO, Hunkydory, J Brand, Odd Molly, Scotch & Soda, Spiritual Gangster, Superga + more. 

[b]What do you look for when recruiting a new label?[/b]

Firstly, the label needs to be in line with the ECO D. aesthetic. We also look for brands that do not have a big (if any) presence in the Australian market already. We like to see integrity and passion in the people behind the brands we are taking onboard.  Ethically manufactured brands are attractive to us as well as natural fibres and quality clothes that will last. We have always bought quality not quantity. A good relationship with the brand is really important to us we are often working together for a long time. We have been buying from Life with Bird for close to 10 years now. 

[b]You also stock lesser known, artisan labels. How important is this to the mix? [/b]

We believe this is very important as it is one of the things that differentiates us in the market. We have never wanted to join the price war with David Jones and Myer so it has pushed us to discover more eclectic labels. It’s really all about the mix, we offer our customers a ‘best of’ selection including pieces they won’t find elsewhere. For example, we have printed cotton shirt from a lesser know label, JAK Shirting, that we might offer it to our customers, with a pair of J Brand jeans from NYC, Superga sneakers from Italy and a Cable Melbourne Cashmere Cardigan. 

[b]What have been some challenges and how did you overcome them? [/b]

The introduction of online shopping was a challenge. Some customers were using our boutiques to try on international brands and then sourcing them elsewhere online. This forced us to shift our buying model slightly so we are in line with overseas. We now buy 6 months in advance of delivery as opposed to the traditional 12 month lead time. This means we are purchasing more transeasnoal clothing that can be layered up and down depending on the weather (which is actually prefect for Melbourne where most of our boutiques are located). 

[b]What's ahead for the business here in Australia?[/b]

We are so thrilled to have recently launched our 14th  boutique in Church Street Brighton. It has an updated look which we are looking forward to incorporating into some of our existing boutiques in the near future. We also have a few exciting new brands available exclusively at our Brighton boutique, as part of our always evolving product mix we hope to introduce some of these new brands into our other locations. 
[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/-us-22-7-billion-market][size=150]Fashion Exposed Now taps into US$22.7 billion market[/size][/url]


Fashion is all about staying ahead of the curve - and in this lucrative category, we've got you covered.

Fashion Exposed Now 2018 is set to launch a Beach and Body section, giving buyers the chance to maximise their product mix.

A report by Global Industry Analysts reveals the swimwear and beachwear market is projected to reach US$22.7 billion in value terms by 2022.

It will also soar to a whopping 2.2 billion units in volume terms by that period, driven by the growing lifestyle and wellness market.

The Asia-Pacific ranks as the fastest growing market with a compound annual growth rate of 12.3%. 

Fashion Exposed director Marie Kinsella said the category launch is an important one for traders attending the Sydney show. 

"Moving to Sydney will be an exciting opportunity for local designers and upcoming brands to experience the success that was the Melbourne Show.

"We have made the decision to expand the exhibitor offering to include a beach and body section– with Sydney being the perfect destination."

Fashion Exposed Now will run from February 10 to 11 at Royal Hall of Industries, Sydney.
[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/4-things-you-need-to-know-][size=150]4 Things You Need To Know About Fashion Exposed Now 2018[/size][/url]


After a successful debut in Melbourne last year, the country's premier fashion trade show is heading interstate.

Here are four fast facts you need to put in your diary about Fashion Exposed Now 2018.

[b]1. Sydney, here we come[/b]

Buyers and brands: Fashion Exposed Now will arrive in Sydney for

the first time in 2018. Fashion Exposed Now provides a unique business platform for local and international brands to connect with retailers from across Australia and New Zealand, and by making its debut in Sydney, provides an exciting opportunity for local and international designers.

[b]2. We've set a date and venue[/b]

The event will be staged at the Royal Hall of Industries from Saturday 10 to Sunday 11 February 2018, and will feature a curated selection of designer brands spanning apparel, accessories and footwear. You'll find everything from sustainable and ethical fashion garments to competitively priced favourites for boutique retailers. 

[b]3. It's not just about fashion[/b]

Fashion Exposed Now will play host to a number of curated brand sections, free workshops and of course, an unrivalled opportunity to network and do business with your industry peers. In Melbourne, our must-attend seminars addressed everything from maximising your social media reach to advice for bolstering cashflow and working capital.

[b]4. There's a newbie[/b]

The introduction of the trade-show’s ‘Beach and Body’ section arrives just in time for Australia’s warmer weather, showcasing some of the best intimates, sleepwear, swim and resort wear that Sydney has to offer. This gives boutique retailers the opportunity to cash in one of the most lucrative trading seasons in Australia - with brands that are not mass flooding the market. 
[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/5-minutes-with-marie][size=150]5 Minutes With Marie: What's next for Fashion Exposed Now?[/size][/url]


Fashion Exposed Now head honcho Marie Kinsella reflects on the successful relaunch of the trade show. 

[b]Fashion Exposed Now relaunched in Melbourne this year. How many brands were present?[/b]

175 exhibitors exhibited at Fashion Exposed Now, across a mix of womenswear, footwear and accessories. 
 [b]Who were the main attendees? [/b]

In the breakdown of attendees, we found the 75% of visitors were either retailers, stylists or designers. [b]
 [b]The trade show will head to Sydney in February, 2018. What new changes can we expect?[/b]

We were very pleased with the feedback received from Fashion Exposed Now. Like every newly formed event there are certain areas that need to be developed to succeed in such a dynamic industry. The February event will seek to broaden the range of brands as well as launch a 'Beach & Body' section featuring intimates, sleepwear, swim and resort wear. 

[b]How many exhibitors are you aiming to attract to Sydney?[/b]

With 1500 square metres of space, we have the space to accommodate 125 quality exhibitors to join us at this industry event.[b]
 What about buyers?[/b]

We are hoping to attract over 2000 buyers to the Sydney show in February. Retailers that attended Melbourne loved the fashion smorgasbord on offer. By attending, they were privy to the unparalleled opportunity to spend two days meeting and buying from brands featured at the event. 
[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/fashion-exposed-now-is-heading-to-sydney][size=150]Fashion Exposed Now is heading to Sydney[/size][/url]


Buyers and brands: the country's premier fashion trade show is set to land in Sydney next year. 

Fashion Exposed Now will be staged at the Royal Hall of Industries from 10 to 11 February 2018.  

The event will feature a curated selection of designer brands spanning apparel, accessories and footwear.

A special feature called Buyers Edit will present high-end assortments from Australian and European labels.

A free range of business workshops will also be available to buyers and exhibitors, aimed at business and sales growth strategies. 

Fashion Exposed Now head honcho Marie Kinsella said the move follows a successful relaunch of the trade show in August, 2017.

"Moving to Sydney will be an exciting opportunity for local designers and upcoming brands to experience the success that was the Melbourne Show. 

"We have made the decision to expand the exhibitor offering to include a beach and body section– with Sydney being the perfect destination."

Don't miss out on the business opportunity of a lifetime. Head here to be part of the action:  [url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/register-to-visit]http://www.fashionexposed.com/register-to-visit[/url] 
[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/exhibitor-spotlight--avila-][size=150]Exhibitor Spotlight: Avila[/size][/url]


Melbourne made Avila strikes a balance between luxury and everyday wear

Founded by Melbourne based designer Ashleigh Bingham in 2013, Australian lifestyle label Avila offers luxury essentials for everyday wear that are ethically made. Ashleigh was inspired by the idea that clothing can transition us through the day from a yoga class, to coffee with friends to shopping and back again.

Drawing on inspiration from nature and landscapes Ashleigh develops collections that integrate into our lifestyles, designing classic, timeless pieces with a unique twist. Avila offers two ranges one for casual daywear and an "Athleisure" range. 

The brands ethos centres around ethical and sustainable production. The label is proudly Melbourne made whilst also being committed to using high quality natural eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, silk, merino wool and bamboo.

[i]You can find Avila at Fashion Exposed NOW, stand A09[/i]
[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/exhibitor-spotlight--mhoo-mhoo][size=150]Exhibitor Spotlight: Mhoo Mhoo[/size][/url]


Mother and daughter have a passion for creating sustainable garments

Mother and daughter team, Helen and Alice Scotts are the founders of luxe label Mhoo Mhoo. Alice hails from an extensive background in fashion, whilst Helen brings the business side to the label. 

They have a passion for creating sustainable garments making their label stand out as an authentic alternative to fast fashion. They design, source and manufacture in Melbourne, and use natural fibres such as merino wool and merino silk blends.

Meeting the challenges of manufacturing in Australia, Helen and Alice are committed to producing their label in Australia whilst also offering quality pieces, using fine fabrications that are built to last.

[i]Visit Alice and Helen at this year's Buyers Edit, stand F05[/i]
[url=http://www.fashionexposed.com/new/meet-the-exhibitor--the-wooden-hangar][size=150]Meet The Exhibitor: The Wooden Hangar[/size][/url]


This fashion agency offers a sharp and intelligent edit of international designer brands.

[/i]The Wooden Hangar is:

The Wooden Hangar is an innovative fashion agency that represents exclusive international women's fashion labels. We are committed to impacting the Australian fashion industry by introducing and developing must-have labels from all around the world. Our story begins with providing a stylish platform for the labels we represent and expands by collaborating with the wants and needs of the fashion industry.

[b]The Wooden Hangar's point of difference is:

We house exquisite, lifestyle labels of four ranges a year. Our ranges are simplistic yet an elegant mix of authentic items which are both feminine and edgy. The items are a foundation for every woman's wardrobe offering clear, key collections with amazing statement pieces and commercial staples with a point of difference.

[b]The collections at Fashion Exposed will include:

YAYA, Beck Sondergaard, Coster, Victoria Shoes, ByTiMo, Elliot the Label.

[b]The wholesale price points for the range are:

Extremely affordable in today’s market.

[b]The labels are from:

The Netherlands, Oslo, Italy, Spain, USA, Copenhagen.

[b]The Wooden Hangar brands are currently stocked at:

Independent boutiques throughout Australia.

[b]We predict the biggest trend this year will be:

Easy to wear, versatile pieces that can be worn by day and night.

[i]You can find the Wooden Hangar, showcasing European labels at this years Buyers Edit, stand F07 and F06.[/i]